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Dr. Greg Gilbaugh

Life and Ministry Coach, Entrepreneur, Author, and Inspirational Speaker

Meet Dr. Gilbaugh, a dentist and an Executive/Leadership Coach, happily married to his wife, Laura. They reside in Coralville, Iowa, where they've joyfully raised and supported their nine children.

Dr. Gilbaugh has been a dedicated member of the elder/pastoral team at Grace Community Church for a remarkable 20 years. His passion lies in guiding men through their roles and responsibilities in marriages, families, work, church, and community, using his engaging Men’s Institute curriculum. Beyond his dental expertise, he is also an accomplished author and a delightful speaker on men’s issues, sharing insights at conferences, retreats, and podcasts.

It's time to let good things run wild!


Greg Gilbaugh



Over three decades ago, I found inspiration in the wise words of a godly elder who spoke about crafting a lifelong vision tailored to the unique responsibilities and challenges faced by men. Understanding the timeless Biblical principles that offer wisdom not just for the present but also the future became my guiding light. This initial spark ignited the creation of The Men's Institute, a curriculum designed to empower men in navigating life's journey.

Embracing this Biblical worldview has profoundly shaped how I perceive life and approach decision-making. I've had the privilege of using this curriculum to uplift men within the churches I've been a part of. Now, we're excited to extend this ministry to the men in our community, fostering growth in their God-given roles and responsibilities, addressing the challenges unique to men. If given just one more year to live, my heart's desire would be to gather a group of men and embark on a transformative journey through The Men's Institute. Welcome to a community where growth and support go hand in hand. And let good things run wild!

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